Ho ho ho! What brings you here?
Looking for a gift idea?
Well, it is that time of year
When people look for Christmas cheer.
We’re pleased to say we have some here;
A liquid gift, we call it beer.
Three bottles of any Two Towers Brewery ales in a presentation pack for £9. They’re available from the pub. Even on Christmas Eve.
We can personalise brewery tour gift vouchers with who they’re from, who to and a short message. Brewery tours are massive fun. They involve drinking beer, looking around the brewery, drinking beer, listening to the head brewer, Mark, explaining the brewing process, enlivened by amusing anecdotes, and drinking beer. It’s very educational. A tour is £15. With a meal it’s £21. Just call 0121 439 3738 or email
You can buy a gift voucher for this, too, or you can just book one for yourself. Starts at 9am and takes you through the whole brew from mashing to the final transfer to the fermenter, after which you relax with a beer (around 4.30pm) before departing with a complimentary 3-bottle pack of Two Towers Brewery ales. Includes a full-English breakfast and lunch (with beer!). Led by our head brewer, Mark. The Brew Day Experience is hands-on and close-up so we welcome any number from just one to six, but no more. Any Friday (groups on other days by arrangement). £99 per person. Full details on the website soon. Call us on 0121 439 3738 or email

Join us for a festive fundraiser at Perrot’s Folly
Sunday 17 December. Five sessions: 12-1pm, 1pm-2pm, 2pm-3pm, 3pm-4pm, 4pm-5pm.
Here’s a rare chance to climb to the top of Perrot’s Folly, one of the towers in Two Towers Brewery and generally acknowledged to have been the inspiration for either Orthanc or Minas Morgul, the two towers that feature in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Tickets are £5.50 - this is a fundraiser to keep the building open - and are available here where you can also find out a lot more. Places on each of the five sessions (see times above) are limited so booking is essential.
We’ll be providing a bar, naturally, and there will be live music.
Please note: It is likely to be cold since there was no central heating back in the 18th Century when the tower was built. The sun sets just before 4pm. So wrap up warm! For safety’s sake: no heels.
Our brewery tap
The Gunmakers Arms is looking great these days thanks to local artists as well as our a recent refurb. The pub has become more or less a permanent exhibition space for all kinds of artists with works from portrait and abstract artist Dee Manning occupying the walls until 14 December. It's also sounding great with free live music over the weekends and there's a veritable feast lined up over the Christmas weekend.
For more information make your way to the Gunmakers Arms Facebook page or the Gunmakers Arms website.
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Local accommodation
If you're coming to see us from afar and are looking for somewhere to rest your weary (beery?) head check out for somewhere to stay.
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HAZY? CLEAR? It's all beer!
We don't use the swim bladders of fish to clear our beer. What? It'll all become clear here>>>>>>>
Our phone number: 0121 439 3738