Our brewery tap - opening soon!
Thanks to everyone who's enquired about our progress. We've been granted a licence for the Gunmakers Arms after a hearing last Tuesday so we're still on track for a 1 December opening. We're working very hard to get the place ready but it's very much a Work in Progress. Here's more
And SLEIGHED, a rich porter, is our seasonal special. Pop along here for more info>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Celebrate at the Brewery
If the burden of organising the Christmas do has fallen on you - again (you shouldn’t be so good!) - here’s your answer: a visit to Two Towers Brewery. More info here>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Celebrate at home ...
... with Two Towers Brewery ales. Presentation packs, bottles, cask-conditioned ales in 10 litre and 20 litre polypins, filled to order and even, for club members only, FREE DELIVERY! Find out more here>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Gift vouchers
Ideal secret Santa gifts vouchers for our ale from the brewery (takeaway) and brewery tours. For tours email us the To & From info, pay us and we'll email back a personalised voucher. They start at £10. Find out more here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Opening Times

Normal hours (see below) until: Christmas Eve 9am-4pm; CLOSED Christmas Day-Monday 28 December; Tuesday 29-Thursday 31 December 9am-4pm. CLOSED New Year's Day. From Saturday 2 January normal hours as follows:
Tuesday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
We can sort out order collections at other times by arrangement but the brewery is closed Sunday and Monday.
There's loads going on at the Two Towers Brewery Bar - our own music night next Friday 27 November, for example - and our mobile bar will be providing refreshment at a number of Christmas events.
Sunday 29 November we're at Sarehole Mill Christmas Market.
Pop along here for more info>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Brewery Tours
In 2016 we'l be opening our doors for tours - more of a stroll, really - once a month, but we add more, in particular for groups, according to demand. Dates and details here>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Enjoy the privileges of Two Towers Brewery Club membership.
Here are some details>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Our phone number: 0121 439 7253